Executive order sets up guardrails for US use of commercial spyware

President Biden signed an executive order on Monday that prohibits U.S. government agencies from using commercial spyware that presents a national security risk to the United States. The new guidelines set long-awaited guardrails on how the U.S. government uses commercial spyware and respond to the growing use of the powerful surveillance tools, which allow for […]

The FBI’s BreachForums bust is causing ‘chaos in the cybercrime underground’

On March 16, 2022, about a month after the FBI took down a popular online forum for buying and selling stolen data known as RaidForums, another criminal marketplace quickly sprung up to take its place. The title of first post on the new forum known as BreachForums simply said “Welcome.” Over the next year, the […]

Five brutal hours for TikTok: CEO raked over coals amid privacy, security concerns

Congressional lawmakers sharply questioned whether a plan drafted by TikTok to wall off its American operations is sufficient to address privacy and propaganda concerns during a hearing Thursday that featured more than five hours of combative questioning of TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew. Thursday’s hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee represented a landmark […]

Dependence on Chinese-made tech threatens grid, experts warn

The largely unknown amount of Chinese-made equipment within the North American grid is a threat to national security, experts warned during a Thursday congressional hearing that explored cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the electric sector. Witnesses from the Department of Energy and private sector testifying during the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee echoed a sentiment increasingly […]

The pressing threat of Chinese-made drones flying above U.S. critical infrastructure 

Just look up on a clear day and there’s a good chance you’ll see one. Small and inexpensive drones have become omnipresent. While hobbyists use them for photography or racing, professionals now fly them to capture TV and film footage, conduct surveys or perform building inspections. While drones aren’t necessarily inherently dangerous or undesirable, the […]

Stealthy hacks show advancements in China’s cyberespionage operations, researchers say

A string of recently discovered digital intrusions appears to indicate that hackers linked to China are increasingly savvy when it comes to evading detection once they infiltrate a victim’s network. That conclusion comes from researchers at Sentinel Labs and the German IT services company QGroup GmbH who studied several cyber intrusions into unnamed Middle Eastern […]

Here’s what to expect from lawmakers who will grill TikTok’s CEO on privacy, security and child safety

In a highly anticipated congressional hearing, TikTok CEO Shou Chew will testify in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Thursday to address lawmakers’ concerns about the influence of its Chinese parent company, its approach to dealing with children’s mental health issues and overall data security practices. The hearing comes as Congress weighs legislation […]

Fact or fiction, hacktivists’ claims of industrial sabotage in Russia or Ukraine get attention online

Hacktivist groups on both sides of the Ukraine war increasingly claim to have infiltrated critical infrastructure networks in a bid to stoke fears about their abilities to disrupt sensitive operations, the cybersecurity firm Mandiant said in a report released Wednesday. Groups and hacktivists such as Team OneFist and GhostSec have all alleged to have infected […]

TikTok CEO plans rigorous defenses in Congress against claims the app is a US security threat

TikTok CEO Shou Chew will attempt to defend his company during a critical congressional hearing on Thursday in the face of mounting claims by the Biden administration — and many others in Washington and in state houses around the country — that its Chinese ownership poses a dangerous U.S. national security threat. “We have heard important […]

Hacker tied to D.C. Health Link breach says attack ‘born out of Russian patriotism’

The data beach that has exposed sensitive health care information of nearly two dozen members of Congress and their families — putting them along with tens of thousands of Washington area residents at risk of identity theft and additional cyberattacks — is apparently the work of a patriotic Russian hacker seeking to inflict damage on […]

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