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SolarWinds CEO reveals much earlier hack timeline, regrets company blaming intern

SolarWinds saw signs of hackers invading their networks as early as January of 2019, about eight months earlier than the previously publicly disclosed timeline for the sweeping cyber-espionage campaign, and nearly two years before anyone discovered the breach. SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna said in an appearance at the 2021 RSA Conference that while the federal contractor […]

National security officials outline hopes for US data breach notification law

Top U.S. national security officials on Tuesday explained some ideal elements to a potential national data breach reporting law, describing the idea as one pathway to stopping massive security incidents like the SolarWinds hack. A national data breach reporting law would need to be clear and concise for companies to follow it, and generally not […]

Stalkers using surveillance software on partners are exposing their own data, research finds

Stalkerware applications, which domestic abusers rely on to monitor their romantic partners’ devices without their consent, often fail to secure the personal information collected during their use, according to ESET research published Monday. Stalkerware, which is frequently advertised as benign parental controls or employee monitoring software, can surveil targets’ geolocation, texts, phone calls, cameras and […]

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