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White House faces deeply skeptical Congress as it advocates for controversial surveillance tool

As the Biden administration begins its campaign to urge Congress to renew a controversial surveillance provision that authorizes intelligence agencies to carry out warrantless data collection, it will face a skeptical Congress where distrust of government spying runs deep. Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which was saved from the brink of sunsetting […]

Illinois’ biometric privacy law provides blueprint as states seek to curb data collection

A dozen states have introduced privacy legislation this year that would rein in companies’ unchecked ability to collect and sell consumers’ biometric data such as fingerprints and images of their faces. The bills are part of a wave of state-level privacy legislation that includes more than a dozen children’s online privacy bills as well as […]

Wikimedia wants the Supreme Court to hear case over NSA surveillance. Here’s what’s at stake.

The Supreme Court will meet on Friday to decide whether to review a case challenging the legality of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program that hoovers up Americans’ internet traffic as it flows in and out of the U.S The American Civil Liberties Union and Knight First Amendment Institute filed the petition on behalf of […]

Clearview AI agrees to not sell its facial recognition database to private companies

Controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI has agreed to a ban that will prohibit it from selling its facial recognition database of more than 20 billion images to private companies. The terms, reached in a settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union on Monday, highlight a landmark victory for privacy advocates. The ACLU brought the […]

Documents shed light on’s marketing to states about powerful facial recognition tech

Identity verification technology company quietly deployed a powerful form of facial recognition on unemployment benefits applicants while encouraging state partners to dispel the idea that the company used the technology, according to Oregon state records the American Civil Liberties Union shared with CyberScoop.  The documents show that in the months following the introduction of facial […]

Rights groups ask Supreme Court to review warrantless searches at border

Civil liberties groups on Friday asked the Supreme Court to hear a case challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s warrantless searches of travelers’ electronic devices at U.S. ports of entry and airports. The petition from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and American Civil Liberties Union asks the Supreme Court to overturn a U.S. appeals court’s decision […]

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