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Ransomware gang Conti has already bounced back from damage caused by chat leaks, experts say

A Twitter account known as ContiLeaks debuted to much fanfare in late February, with people around the globe watching as tens of thousands of leaked chats between members of the Russia-based ransomware gang Conti hit the web. In the days after the leaks, many celebrated what they thought would be a devastating blow to Conti, which […]

TrickBot malware suddenly got quiet, researchers say, but it’s hardly the end for its operators

The operators of TrickBot have essentially shut down the notorious malware, multiple reports say, but evidence suggests the gang has begun using other platforms or folded operations into another cybercrime group altogether. Researchers at Intel471 and AdvIntel noted a sharp dip in recent TrickBot activity in separate reports Thursday, even though the command-and-control infrastructure for […]

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