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Stealthy hacks show advancements in China’s cyberespionage operations, researchers say

A string of recently discovered digital intrusions appears to indicate that hackers linked to China are increasingly savvy when it comes to evading detection once they infiltrate a victim’s network. That conclusion comes from researchers at Sentinel Labs and the German IT services company QGroup GmbH who studied several cyber intrusions into unnamed Middle Eastern […]

Suspected Chinese hackers are targeting India’s power grid

Hackers likely affiliated with the Chinese government have been going after North India’s power supply, according to a report by Recorded Future. Researchers observed “likely” network intrusions of at least seven state centers that carry out real-time grid control and electricity dispatch, according to the Wednesday evening report. The activity has been concentrated in North […]

Suspected Chinese hackers masqueraded as Indian government to send COVID-19 phishing emails

An increasingly active Chinese government-linked hacking group impersonated Indian government agencies with phishing lures related to COVID-19 statistics and tax legislation, researchers say. It was the continuation of a campaign that dates to the earliest days of the pandemic, BlackBerry said in a blog post Tuesday. The company tied together several threads of operations by […]

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