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Powerful Meta large language model widely available online

A set of sophisticated large language models developed by Facebook parent company Meta — and intended to be accessed only by authorized researchers — were made available for download on Friday, releasing to the public the most powerful such AI model yet and increasing the likelihood that the technology might be misused.  Facebook first made […]

Reality check: Is ChatGPT really the next big cybersecurity threat?

When OpenAI released ChatGPT in November, programmers were astounded to discover that the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot could not only mimic a huge variety of human speech but could also write code. In the days following its release, programmers posted wild-eyed examples of ChatGPT churning out fairly competent code. From stringing together cloud services to porting […]

Researchers: Large language models will revolutionize digital propaganda campaigns

Artificial intelligence systems such as ChatGPT, which captured public imagination thanks to its uncanny ability to produce human-seeming text, are poised to transform how nations deploy digital propaganda operations to manipulate public opinion, according to a major new report released Wednesday. By utilizing the large language models to rapidly deploy and scale influence campaigns, the […]

ChatGPT shows promise of using AI to write malware

For even the most skilled hackers, it can take at least an hour to write a script to exploit a software vulnerability and infiltrate their target. Soon, a machine may be able to do it in mere seconds. When OpenAI last week released its ChatGPT tool, allowing users to interact with an artificial intelligence chatbot, […]

Commerce lacks intelligence resources to keep U.S. tech from fueling Chinese cyberthreat, experts warn

The Commerce Department unit that approves sensitive U.S. technology exports does not have the intelligence resources to fully realize the national security consequences of selling advanced equipment and software to China, several experts and a former agency official told CyberScoop. These critics are especially alarmed by the high percentage of technology approved for the Chinese […]

White House backed fund promises to accelerate ‘deep tech’ advancements in cybersecurity

An investment fund supported by the White House and partially bankrolled by tech heavyweights Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt and Craig Newmark is making a big bet that “deep technologies” will give the U.S. the edge over China — especially when it comes to cybersecurity. The U.S. needs to do more to win the “great nation […]

Head of DOD artificial intelligence command warns Pentagon must improve to beat China on AI

The U.S. military’s top expert on artificial intelligence (AI) said Wednesday that the Pentagon must up its game to ensure American supremacy in a future era where artificial intelligence will determine success on the battlefield. China aims to dominate the world in the AI space by 2030, the Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Director Lt. Gen. […]

Facebook kills its facial recognition system, citing ‘societal concerns,’ uncertain rules from regulators

Facebook is shutting down its decade-old “Face Recognition” system and will delete more than a billion templates used to automatically match users with photos and videos, the company announced on Tuesday. Facebook’s vice president of artificial intelligence Jerome Pesenti cited the need to “weigh the positive use cases for facial recognition against growing societal concerns, […]

US commission urges AI development amid global security concerns

American technology companies racing to develop and adopt artificial intelligence technology should do so responsibly and safely, according to a longtime security expert who has spent years studying the issue.  In a conversation on Thursday during A.I. Week, an event produced by Scoop News Group, Yll Bajraktari, the executive director of the National Security Commission […]

JP Morgan artificial intelligence researcher says AI goal is to ‘eradicate financial crime’

J.P. Morgan envisions a chief role for artificial intelligence in putting an end to financial crimes, the company’s head of AI research said Monday. Financial crimes that institutions like J.P. Morgan might have to reckon with include money laundering, sanctions violations, fraud and outright cyber theft. Across all industries and organizations, financial crime cost companies […]

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