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North Korean cryptocurrency hackers expand target list

North Korean hackers known for cryptocurrency heists are expanding their targets to include education, government and healthcare, according to researchers tracking the group. The activity could be a sign that the group, which is suspected in two high-profile cryptocurrency hacks in 2022, may have even bigger plans for 2023. Researchers at the cybersecurity firm Proofpoint […]

Iranian hacking group expands focus to US politicians, critical infrastructure, researchers find

An Iranian hacking group previously thought to mainly focus on compromising academics, journalists and human rights workers now appears to have included U.S. politicians, critical infrastructure and medical researchers to its target list, according to the cybersecurity firm Proofpoint. The group known as TA453 has quietly added “outlier” attacks to its portfolio over the past […]

Phishing scheme targeting Mideast researchers uses ‘herd mentality’ approach to dupe victims

Hackers are using a clever new phishing technique to create email threads with multiple responses to trick potential victims into thinking bogus messages are legitimate. The cybersecurity firm Proofpoint has identified the group deploying these so-called “multi-persona impersonation” emails as TA453. The company previously linked TA453 to Iran and says their activities overlap with other […]

Health care IT workers report increased cyberattacks affecting patient care

Nearly 90% of information technology professionals working in health care said their facilities suffered a cyberattack in the past year, according to a report out Thursday from the research organization Ponemon Institute. Many of them said the attacks, which averaged 43 at various types of health care organizations including hospitals and insurance providers, increasingly affected […]

Research points to a Chinese hacking effort targeting a Russian border unit

The Chinese government hacking group seen targeting European governments and non-governmental organizations in early March may have also been going after Russian government targets as well, researchers with Secureworks Counter Threat Unit reported Wednesday. The findings add new details to multiple threat intelligence reports in early March highlighting the concerted efforts of Chinese-linked hacking groups […]

Russian, Chinese, Belarusian hackers increasingly using Ukraine-themed lures in attacks, Google observes

Within the last two weeks, a Russia-based hacking group has targeted several U.S. nongovernmental organizations and think tanks, the military of a Balkans country and a Ukrainian defense contractor, Google reported Wednesday. The activity, attributed to a group Google calls “Cold River” but others know as “Calisto,” is the first time the Google researchers have […]

Against backdrop of Russian-Ukraine war, researchers witness flurry of nation-aligned hacking

Hackers believed to be associated with the governments of Russia, Belarus and China are targeting Ukraine, Poland and European governments, researchers say, ranging from espionage attempts to phishing campaigns and coinciding with the intensification of the Russian assault on Ukraine. Shane Huntley, the director of Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), said in a blog post […]

Palestinian hacking group evolving with new malware, researchers say

A Palestinian-aligned hacking group has targeted Middle Eastern governments, foreign policy think tanks and a state-affiliated airline with a new malware implant as part of “highly targeted intelligence collection campaigns,” according to research published Tuesday. The findings, from researchers with cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, unpack the latest activities of an established and well-documented Arabic-speaking hacking group […]

Months-long Interpol crackdown nets more than 1,000 online fraud arrests

An Interpol operation to combat online fraud concluded with the arrests of 1,003 people and the interception of $27 million in illicit funds, according to the international police organization, which conducted the crackdown alongside 20 countries. Waged from June to September of this year, “Operation HAECHI-II” targeted online crime like romance scams, investment fraud and […]

Phone scammers use COVID-19 vaccine appointments to try tricking victims into downloading malware

Hackers are targeting American and Canadian victims with a malware strain that used coronavirus-themed messages to dupe users into downloading software that collects their personal information, according to findings published Thursday. The scammers, whose identities are unknown, rely on SMS text messages focused on fictional COVID-19 regulations and vaccine information to trick recipients into clicking […]

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