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Ensuring compliance without compromising on IT modernization initiatives

Balancing the need to meet today’s security goals and existing compliance mandates demands a more modern approach to cloud workloads, says a former federal security leader now working at Google. That is why Google Cloud is working to modernize the way it integrates compliance controls into its platform that can help government customers more easily […]

Navigating the path to passwordless authentication

Yves Audebert is chairman, president and co-CEO of Axiad IDS, a trusted identity solutions provider for government and financial organizations. He previously founded ActivCard / ActivIdentity, one of the lead providers of the Defense Department’s Common Access Card and HSPD12 FIPS 201 credentialing systems. If you have been in business long enough, you have probably […]

How the public sector can adopt modern pentesting solutions

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Operational technology asset visibility fuels a capable cybersecurity program

Organizations cannot effectively protect the operational technology (OT) assets they don’t know about — solid asset management and visibility are vital in all effective OT cybersecurity programs. When security teams continuously inventory and classify which assets are running in their facilities, it becomes easier to protect the entire OT environment. With a comprehensive asset inventory, […]

Planning a robust response to cyberthreats with a zero-trust mindset

With constant cyberthreats and security incidents evolving in complexity and scale, how can government agencies protect themselves in modernized IT environments while continuously maturing security protocols to meet zero trust? Download the white paper. According to a new Invicti Security white paper, Zero Trust at Work, fully adopting a zero-trust mindset will require a change […]

White House joins industry leaders to double down on commitment to zero trust

Cybersecurity leaders from the White House, Citibank and Google came together to promote stronger cooperation between public and private sector organizations at the Google Cloud Security Summit earlier this year. They asserted that these partnerships are critical to how public sector and critical infrastructure organizations combat national security threats. Together, these leaders explored multiple aspects […]

Unpacking key competencies for infosec leaders

As organizations become increasingly digital, business expectations for information security (infosec) leaders are rapidly changing to keep pace. Embedding infosec insights and leadership means that CISOs need to hone in on their executive presence and business acumen—taking on an organizational leadership role that drives cultural change, according to a new IANS Research report. Read more. […]

Implementing effective OT security posture

Operational technology (OT) has long been part of a technology environment that functions apart from most enterprise IT operations. That has led to communication challenges, misalignment with IT strategies and uncertainty on how to develop OT cybersecurity strategies. Download the guide. To protect the enterprise as a whole, IT and OT must work together. However, […]

New research identifies poor IAM policies as the greatest cloud vulnerability

Misconfigurations continue to be the leading cause of most cloud security incidents — many of those as a result of poorly written identity and access management policies, according to a recent security report. Read the report. The report, “Identity and Access Management: The First Line of Defense,” produced by Palo Alto Networks, unpacks cloud threat research […]

Combatting emerging-malware aimed at industrial control systems

Analyzing malicious capabilities before they have the chance to disrupt or destroy infrastructure gives defenders a unique opportunity to prepare in advance—a goal that’s becoming essential asserts a new Dragos whitepaper. “PIPEDREAM: CHERNOVITE’s Emerging Malware Targeting Industrial Control Systems” offers industrial asset owners and operators an instructive look at this new attack framework and what […]

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