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Ransomware gangs are starting more drama on cybercrime forums, upending ‘honor among thieves’ conventions

When ransomware group REvil reappeared in September after a nearly two-month downtime, its return was met with a less-than-friendly reception on the cybercriminal underground. Before going dark, the Russia-based gang attracted attention from the White House for two attacks that disrupted U.S. supply chains: the May breach at global meat supplier JBS that netted a reported […]

Market for software exploits is often focused on Microsoft flaws, years-old technology

Every month Microsoft releases software updates to fix vulnerabilities across the company’s vast line of technology products. The ritual, known as Patch Tuesday, often involves security experts urging users to update their software, and researchers gaining some public recognition after months of quietly working to mitigate the flaws. A new study from antivirus vendor Trend […]

Russian cybercrime forum XSS claims to ban ransomware following Colonial Pipeline hack

In the wake of the disruption to Colonial Pipeline, a popular Russian-language criminal forum has claimed it will ban the sale of ransomware tools, according to multiple researchers who monitor the site. XSS, a prominent underground forum for hacking tools and other scams, on May 13 said the platform would forbid “ransomware sales, ransomware rental […]

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